Residential Curbside Recycling

The majority of Calumet County residents have a single-stream recycling cart for most of their household recycling needs. Single-stream recycling involves placing   recyclables loose in your recycling cart or bin. Do not put recycling in plastic bags. The plastic bags create many maintenance issues for the sorting equipment at the recycling facility in Appleton.  For information on acceptable and unacceptable materials that can be placed in the single-stream recycling containers, view the Household Curbside Recycling Guide (PNG). Please visit our Contact Us page to contact your local municipality about your curbside recycling pickup services.

Plastic Bags · Wrap · Film

Recycle clean and dry plastic bags, wrap and film at local store drop offs.  For a complete list of plastic film and to find a drop off near you, visit

Recycling Guidelines,  Rev. 10-22

Empty Aerosol Cans 

Empty aerosol cans are not allowed on any Northeast Wisconsin recycling programs. Please discard “empty” aerosol can in your household garbage. If the aerosol can still holds material inside it, you may dispose of the aerosol can at a local hazardous waste collection

Aluminum Cans & Bottles

Do not crush cans or bottles. While this may save space in your bin or cart, the sorting equipment cannot effectively sort crushed containers from paper products. 

Plastic Bottle Caps

Please replace caps on empty plastic bottles before recycling. Advances in recycling technologies have made it possible to separate these two plastics from each other. When plastic bottles and caps are ground into plastic flakes and washed, one plastic floats and one plastic sinks. An example of this separation can be seen in the video provided.

Sharps: Needles & Lancets  

It is illegal to place needles, lancets, or sharps, in your recycling or garbage. For proper disposal and drop off locations in and near Calumet County, please go to our sharps disposal page for more information.

Pizza Boxes

If your pizza box has a small amount of grease, you may recycle the box. If your pizza box is saturated or has a lot of grease, please discard the box in your regular garbage.  Please discard any food items from the box before placing in your recycling bin or cart.

Single-Use Paper Cups & Lids

Single-use paper cups and lids are not accepted in any Northeast Wisconsin recycling program.  If your paper cup has a paper sleeve, you may recycle the paper sleeve. 


Plastic #





Drink Bottles, food jars



 Milk jugs, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles



Plastic tubing, PVC


At Store Drop Off

Retail bags, Bread bags, fresh produce bags



Cottage cheese, sour cream, margarine containers



Styrofoam products, packing peanuts



Made from mixed plastics