The most important part of home waste reduction is as simple as reducing the amount of unnecessary waste you create on a daily or even weekly basis.  Here are some easy ways to reduce your waste:     
  • Avoid impulse buying. Buy only things you absolutely need or things you will use very often.  When you do buy things try buying second hand or find products with the smallest amount of packaging.
  • Don't take freebies (keychains, stickers, etc...) or pamphlets that are often given out at events and other such occasions.
  • For school and work don't make hard copies of documents unless it is absolutely necessary.  If it is necessary make the smallest amount of copies possible.
  • Unsubscribe to junk mail.
  • Subscribe to electronic magazines instead of getting hard copies.
  • Use online receipts and opt for online billing instead of receiving hard copies. 
  • To reduce food waste, try meal planning, then when you go shopping you buy only the foods you are going to eat and none go bad before you can use them.  
  • Buy your foods in bulk. There is less packaging used for bulk foods since they are larger portions.  Also, when your store has them, get foods from the bulk food bins and fill your own reusable containers. 
  • Reduce your energy consumption by drying cloths on a line instead of in the drier, turn out lights when leaving a room, turn off water while brushing your teeth, etc...
Shelves of bulk food containers