Chapter 74 - Sanitation (PDF) contains standards that govern the design, installation, operation, inspection, and administration of septic systems (POWTS) within all areas of Calumet County. The purpose of chapter 74 is to protect public health and safety, protect waters of the state and drinking water from any potentially harmful effects of a septic system.

POWTS Pumping & Maintenance Online Access

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Licensed Contractors

List of Plumbers (PDF)

List of Pumpers (PDF)

List of Soil Testers (PDF)

State Forms

State Sanitary Permit Application (PDF)

Soil Evaluation Report (PDF) 

Wisconsin Fund Application for Sewage System Application (PDF)

POWTS Plan Review

POWTS Plan Review Application 2017 (PDF)

POWTS Plan Review Policy Memo (PDF)

County Permit Forms

County Sanitary Permit Application (PDF) - This form is only used for re-connection, privy, and repair/modification.

Holding Tank Forms

Holding Tank Agreement (PDF)

Servicing Contract (PDF)

Holding Tank Pumping Report (PDF)

Property Transfer Evaluations

POWTS Evaluation Report Form (PDF)

POWTS Inventory

POWTS Inventory Report Form (PDF)

Pretreatment POWTS Maintenance Agreement

POWTS Agreement (PDF)

POWTS Maintenance Report

POWTS Maintenance Report (PDF)

Permit Fees

Fee Schedule (PDF)