The Calumet County Planning Program works to improve the welfare of Calumet County and its citizens by creating more healthy, efficient, equitable, and attractive places for present and future generations. The program works with elected and appointed officials by recommending strategies and programs to promote responsible growth and development of the county and its communities with the goal of creating communities of lasting value. The department also helps civic leaders, businesses, and citizens envision new possibilities and solutions to community problems.

Examples of community planning efforts include Smart Growth and Farmland Preservation Planning. To learn more about these specific programs, please click on their associated web pages located on the left.

Another aspect of the community planning program is the administration of the Calumet County Land Division Ordinance. Adopted in February 2010, this ordinance implements the Smart Growth Plan's density management approach to land divisions. View more information about dividing land in Calumet County.

As rural Calumet County continues to grow, challenges arise as new property owners adjust to country living. A Rural Living Guide has been published to assist those who are considering purchasing a rural property and those that already have and to raise their awareness about issues that may affect them when living in a rural area. The document is available below.