Other Education Programs

Food for Thought - 12:00pm on given dates below

Jan. 4th- Adventures in Iceland

Jan. 18th- Australian Animals are Unique!

Feb. 1st - Free the Flames, The Truth About Wildfires

Feb. 15th - Technology in Nature

Enjoy coffee and homemade soup as one of the naturalist presents on a given nature topic. These programs will be held twice monthly throughout the winter months.  By Donation. Online preregistration required- please call us if you have difficulty. Sign up here!

Winter Homeschool Program 2022-2023

Thursdays, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join our bi-weekly class for homeschoolers and learn all about how our Wisconsin plants and animals are surviving the winter. This 8-week homeschool environmental education course will cover a different topic each class. Each class will be 1.5 hours and will have hands on activities and exploration, both indoors and out.  Dress to be outside! Bring a paper bag lunch to eat together after if you want.
Pre-register for this 8-week course online. Program designed for 7 years and up.
Maximum of 30 students, a parent is welcome to stay for the class also.
$40 for 8 classes.
November 17th: Exploring seeds
December 1st: Where Do Insects Go?
December 15th: What are the trees doing?
January 5th: Is Anyone Out There?
January 19th: How do animals survive? Physical adaptations.
February 2nd: How do animals survive? Behavioral adaptations
February 16th: How can we survive?
March 2nd: Sweet spring celebration!- maple syrup making

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Children building a fort from tree branchesStrive to Survive!

Sunday, February 19th 1:00 pm-2:30 pm

Could you survive long enough to be rescued if you were stranded?

This workshop for kids/teens will cover fire starting options, shelter building using an assortment of materials and what to do to stay warm. Kids will have the opportunity to learn hands on, practical outdoor skills with an emphasis on winter conditions!  This program will be led by Natural Resource Specialist Adam Goetz and will cover the essentials for survival.  Program in mostly outdoors (please dress accordingly) and all materials will be provided. Perfect for scouts! $8 per child, 7 years and up. Limit 20. 

Please sign up here!

Backyard Maple Syrup Makingsap dripping

Saturday, March 4th at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Would you like to learn how to make maple syrup from the trees you have at your place? It is surprisingly easy and only requires a few pieces of equipment that can be bought locally. This workshop will take you through the whole process from identifying a maple tree, tapping the tree, collecting the sap and cooking it down into syrup. Sample some maple syrup we make here at the nature center. Perfect for beginners! Please dress accordingly as part of this program is outdoors. $5 per person. Limit of 30.

syrup pan snowSugarbush Tours for Scouts or Groups.

Learn about why we can make syrup from sap in spring, and how the Native Americans did this. Follow a naturalist into the woods to help identify a maple tree. Drill a hole so that we can collect some sap. See how it is cooked down into delicious maple syrup, then enjoy some ice-cream with our very own Ledge View maple syrup on it. Call us to arrange a booking at (920) 849 1471. 

$4.50 (includes ice-cream). Minimum 12 people.