the inside of a large cave. It looks muddy and there are puddles.Ledge View Nature Center has caves....

 These natural holes in dolostone bedrock were formed first by groundwater, then additionally by meltwater from the Wisconsin glacier thousands of years ago. A lot of sediment came in with the meltwater, too, and some of it’s still here.  

Public cave tours are available most weekends from May through October. Access to the caves is offered by guided tour only. The caves remain locked between tours.

Cave tour schedule here

There are 2 different types of cave tours. Please read the information below to decide which one you would like to do.

The caves are currently closed for the winter and will reopen to the public May 2024.


                                                                       See a map of the cave system here

Carolyn's Cavern Walking Tour

An instructor and a group of teenage girls standing in a large cave. They are all looking up.

A naturalist-guided walking tour - crawling and exploring is optional.

$9 per person weekends, $8 per person weekdays.

We will use stairs and ladders to enter the caves.

Learn how caves are formed, some geological history of this area and about animals that use the caves. This is a fun, family-friendly tour. 

On this tour you will see four different caves. These caves are connected by crawl tunnels. You have the option of using the tunnels (we find that kids especially love this!) or you may use a ladder to access each cave if you prefer.

If you crawl and explore you will get dirty!

These are ‘wild’ caves and we do not have paved walkways or electricity. Closed toed shoes, long pants, and long sleeves are a must! A sweatshirt, boots, a hat, and gloves are suggested. The temperature in the caves averages 55 F. The caves are frequently muddy in areas. Please bring a flashlight other than your phone. We require closed-toe footwear. This is a walking tour with optional crawling opportunities. Come ready to explore!  

This tour is available to children 5 years and older (accompanied by a supervising adult). 

Adventure Caving Tour        

A girl wearing a blue helmet and holding a flashlight is crawling on her belly through a tunnel in aA naturalist-guided walking and crawling tour - for those with a sense of adventure!

$11 per person. 

Are you looking for a fun, physical tour? This tour includes Carolyn's Caverns and Mothers Cave, with lots of crawling and exploring- sometimes in small tunnels. 

Learn how caves are formed, some geological history of this area and about animals that use the caves.

Bring a flashlight, wear a sweatshirt and long pants (it is ~ 55 F in the cave). We require closed-toe footwear.

Kids must be 10 years and accompanied by an adult.