A girl wearing a blue helmet and holding a flashlight is crawling on her hands and knees through a t With a naturalist, students hike to Carolyn's Caverns, a natural cave system in Silurian dolostone. They descend a ladder to enter, and are guided through the cave system, learning the geology and biology, with plenty of opportunities to crawl and explore in passages. The more fun they have, the dirtier they get! If the caves are wet, this means mud. Cave visitors wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe footwear (no sandals). A soft knit cap is recommended to protect the head from bumps. Cave visitors also bring their own flashlight.

2-2.5 hrs. $6.50/person

Instructor talking with a group inside a cave


SCI.ESS1.C.4         Certain features on earth can be used to order events that have occurred in a landscape

SCI.ESS2.A.4,5      Rainfall helps to shape the land; ice breaks rocks and moves them around; water moves sediments around

SCI.LS4.A.3            Fossils provide evidence of types of organisms and environments that existed long ago

SCI.ESS2.C.m        Water movement causes weathering and erosion, changing landscape features

ELS.C1.C.e             Explore outdoors

ELS.EX2.B.e           Identify species within an ecosystem

SCI.LS4.C.3            Particular organisms can only survive in particular environments

SCI.LS1.A.4            Animals have structures that allow for survival

SCI.LS1.B.3            Organisms have unique and diverse life cycles

SCI.LS1.D.4            Different sense receptors are specialized for particular kinds of information

Two bats hanging together in a cave. You can only see their faces.