Volunteer opportunities

Four me building a kiosk. 3 are standing on scaffolding and working on the roof, 1 is on the ground

Today more than 250 families or individuals support Ledge View Nature Center through their membership or as volunteers. 

Their efforts bring the pleasure of camaraderie and the satisfaction of volunteer accomplishment.

 At Ledge View, volunteers support the future.

Their hard work is what visitors see.


Two women taking dead stalks from plants in garden.

Would you like to volunteer but are not a member?  

No problem we have lots of things that you can help us with!

Are you part of a club or organization that would like to be of service? We can organize projects for groups of people or scouts that would like to complete individual projects. Give us a call at the nature center and we will give you some options for current projects. 

If you want to be involved, we will help you!

Volunteer opportunities throughout the year;

  • Help with special events or weekend programming (year round)

  • Deadheading garden beds (March)

  • Check bluebirds houses from (April through August)

  • Center sit for 2 hours on Sunday afternoons (January through October)

  • Collecting and cooking maple sap (March)

  • Cutting firewood (spring through fall)

  • Trail trimming, mowing, weed wacking (spring through fall)

  • Mulching trees in the arboretum (Spring through fall)

  • Tree planting (spring through fall)

  • Invasive species control (spring through fall)

  • Flower bed weeding and mulching (Spring and summer)

  • Contribute to the quarterly newsletter

Special Events volunteer opportunities;

Approximately 40 volunteers are utilized in different capacities for each of these major fundraising events;

1. Maple syrup Sunday (March)

Setting up (day before), flipping pancakes, serving line, ice cream scooping + sales, front counter ticket sales, cleaning tables, parking, pack up.

2. Ledge View 5K Caveman Adventure Run (June)

Setting up (in days before), trail guides, registration, water +snack stations, cave guides, bag check-in, shuttle + parking, photographing, obstacle stations, pack up

3. Candlelight Cave Tour (October)

Set up, front counter ticket sales, popcorn and food serving + sales, tour guides, parking, acting in skits, game station, cave guides, pack up.

If you have a special skill and you would like to help us out, we will do our best to find you something to do!

Two men and two women holding shovels. They are standing next to rectangular garden beds they just pGive us a call if you would like more information about any of these volunteer opportunities.