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CCASA is proud to offer farmer members in Calumet County the following incentive programs to help minimize the risk associated with trying new things on their farms.

*Reminder the member survey must be completed in order to receive cost-share incentives.

CCASA 2023 Cost Share

The following cost-share programs are available to CCASA members in 2023. 

Choose all that apply to your operation:

  • Cover crops ($20/acre, 50-acre max) 
  • No-till ($10/acre, 50-acre max) 
  • Planting green ($30/acre, 50-acre max)
  • Nitrogen Inhibitor/Stabilizer ($10/acre, 50-acre max)  *NEW

Application *DUE NOVEMBER 15, 2023* 

CCASA TNC Incentive Program

To promote the adoption of conservation practices including trials of cover crops and planting green. This program is open to members and has three options. 

Choose one:

  • Plant cover crops that over winter
  • Plant a multispecies cover crop mix
  • Plant green into a Winter cover crop in the Spring of 2024

The application can be completed online or by downloading the pdf version and submitting it per the instructions on the form. *DUE NOVEMBER 15, 2023*