Marriage Licenses

Appointments are Required to Apply for a Marriage License

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Due to limited staffing, it is required that you make an appointment to apply for your marriage license. Please call our office at (920) 849-1458 to schedule.

  1. Application Checklist
  2. Information Guide
  3. Civil Ceremonies

Application Checklist

  • Arrangements must be finalized prior to applying for a license.
    • Wedding date
    • City, village or township where marriage is taking place
    • Name, address, phone number, and e‐mail address of officiant 
  • Schedule an appointment to apply for your marriage license. You can apply through any county. If you wish to apply through our office, please call (920) 849‐1458.
  • Certified birth certificate with a raised seal. A hospital certificate of birth or state Notification of Birth Registration is not acceptable.
  • Valid photo ID. If a photo ID is not current/valid, proof of residency is requiredA recent piece of mail is acceptable.
  • Social Security Number
  • Documents from your previous marriage. If previously married, provide proof of how last marriage ended (death certificate; legal annulment; or findings of fact, conclusions of law and judgment of divorce).
  • $100 application fee. If qualified to apply for a license less than four days prior to the wedding, a $25 waiver fee will be applied. Approval must be given by the County Clerk.
  • Parental Consent Form if under 18 years of age.