Expanding or Moving Your Facility

Sites and Buildings Database 

Looking for a location for your business? Both Locate In Wisconsin and LoopNet offer a database of available land, office and residential sites within Calumet County and Wisconsin. In addition, local realtors can assist in finding an existing building. 

Zoning and other Regulations 

To assist in the orderly development of property and keep people and the environment safe, local, county, and state governments establish regulations. Zoning regulations are set by cities and villages; and in towns, zoning is regulated by the county (except for the Towns of Brothertown, Chilton, Harrison, Rantoul which implement their own zoning, and the Town of Stockbridge which has no zoning). Check with the appropriate government’s zoning department, even for a home-based business. Likewise, check with this same department about any business signage regulations. Finally, you may need to check with the county or a state agency about any environmental or other related regulations. It’s always best to check before starting any building or development project to make sure the business will comply with all applicable siting regulations.   

Calumet County Planning Department - Zoning

Traffic Counts 

If visibility and daily traffic are important for your business, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation provides specific maps with average traffic counts for certain intersections in each municipality. Check out the online map viewer.