Licensing and Permits

The One Stop Business Portal provides an easy walk-through process for making sure a new or existing business in Wisconsin with all the necessary registrations. At the end of this process, businesses will be registered with the Department of Financial Institutions, the Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development. 

If desired, businesses can also register through individual state websites. Generally speaking, most businesses will need to complete a Business Tax Registration form (BTR-101). This can be accomplished online with the WI Department of Revenue at: or a paper copy can be obtained from the county. This form addresses most tax issues related to the business. If a Seller’s Permit is required, it can be applied for using this same form. When in doubt, the best way to get an answer is to reach out to Ray York, Entrepreneurship Specialist — or 920-946-9379. 

Registering a Business Name

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions is responsible for the registration of new businesses. For information on availability of business names and to find the rules governing the establishment of corporations, LLC, etc., visit or call (608) 261-9555. It is not required in Wisconsin to register a business name, but the name can be registered if desired, or to protect the name. Calumet County does NOT require business registration, nor is there a local process for doing so. Individual communities may require registration of a business, so it is always best to check with the local government in which the business is located.