NR151 Compliance / Runoff Management

Wisconsin's rules to control polluted runoff from farms, as well as other non-point sources, went into effect October 1, 2002. The state Legislature passed the rules to help protect Wisconsin's lakes, streams, and groundwater. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rule NR 151 sets performance standards and prohibitions for farms. It also sets urban performance standards to control construction site erosion, manage runoff from roads and manage fertilizer use on large turf areas.

Calumet County addresses these rules in its Code of Ordinances under the following section.

Section 18-106. State of Wisconsin Performance Standards and Prohibitions

(a) All Landowners shall implement conservation practices that achieve compliance with performance standards and prohibitions in Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 151.02 through NR 151.08 as amended. The conservation practices shall comply with Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP50.04 and ATCP 50.06, as amended.

Fact sheet: "WI Runoff Rules: What Farmers Need to Know" (PDF)

Chapter NR 151 :Runoff Management (PDF)