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Community Economic Development

  1. Back to Business Grant Application

    COVID-19 has altered life – including business operations – as we know it. The ways in which the Calumet County Community Economic... More…

County Administrator

  1. Application for Committee, Board or Commission

    Those interested in serving on a particular committee, board or commission can complete this application form, indicating the... More…

  1. Comment, Compliment or Concern

    Comment, Compliment or Concern

County Supervisors

  1. Contact District 1 Supervisor HOPE KARTH

    Form to submit email to Hope Karth, district 1 Supervisor.

  2. Contact District 11 Supervisor BILL BARRIBEAU

    Form to submit email to Bill Barribeau, district 11 Supervisor.

  3. Contact District 13 Supervisor MARILYN SCHUH

    Form to submit email to Marilyn Schuh, district 13 Supervisor.

  4. Contact District 15 Supervisor MARY SCHWALENBERG

    Form to submit email to Mary Schwalenberg, district 15 Supervisor.

  5. Contact District 17 Supervisor MIKE HOFBERGER

    Form to submit email to Mike Hofberger, district 17 Supervisor.

  6. Contact District 19 Supervisor RONALD DIETRICH

    Form to submit email to Ronald Dietrich, district 19 Supervisor.

  7. Contact District 20 Supervisor KENNETH IRWIN

    Form to submit email to Kenneth Irwin, district 20 Supervisor.

  8. Contact District 3 Supervisor EMILY VOIGHT-CONE

    Form to submit email to Emily Voight-Cone, district 3 Supervisor.

  9. Contact District 5 Supervisor MATTHEW H. BUDDE

    Form to submit email to Matthew H. Budde, district 5 Supervisor.

  10. Contact District 7 Supervisor PETE STIER

    Form to submit email to Pete Stier, district 7 Supervisor.

  11. Contact District 9 Supervisor ED KLECKNER

    Form to submit email to Ed Kleckner, district 9 Supervisor.

  1. Contact District 10 Supervisor JOSEPH MUELLER

    Form to submit email to Joseph Mueller, district 10 Supervisor.

  2. Contact District 12 Supervisor NICHOLAS KESLER

    Form to submit email to Nicholas Kesler, district 12 Supervisor.

  3. Contact District 14 Supervisor JAMES H. WYNGAARD

    Form to submit email to James H. Wyngaard, district 14 Supervisor.

  4. Contact District 16 Supervisor JUDITH HARTL

    Form to submit email to Judith Hartl, district 16 Supervisor.

  5. Contact District 18 Supervisor ALICE CONNORS

    Form to submit email to Alice Connors, district 18 Supervisor.

  6. Contact District 2 Supervisor MERLIN GENTZ

    Form to submit email to Merlin Gentz, district 2 Supervisor.

  7. Contact District 21 Supervisor KENNETH DRAHEIM

    Form to submit email to Kenneth Draheim, district 21 Supervisor.

  8. Contact District 4 Supervisor DUAINE STILLMAN

    Form to submit email to Duaine Stillman, district 4 Supervisor.

  9. Contact District 6 Supervisor SCOTT HANDSCHKE

    Form to submit email to Scott Handschke, district 6 Supervisor.

  10. Contact District 8 Supervisor TOM STOFFEL

    Form to submit email to Tom Stoffel, district 8 Supervisor.

Emergency Management

  1. Tabletop - Severe Weather/Extended Power Outage

    Calumet County Courthouse - Room 025 February 9, 2022 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Land and Water Conservation

  1. 2022 County Wide Well Testing Program (Potter/Rantoul/NewHolstein)
  2. Request for Shoreline Stablization Guide_Hard Copy

    We have a limited number of guides available for county property owners. Please fill out this form to obtain a copy.

  1. 2022 Town of Chilton Well Testing Program - Free Homeowners Kit Sign Up

    The Town of Chilton provides free Bacteria and Nitrate Testing to participating residents. Sampling Kits are available the week prior... More…