Traffic Division

Non-Mandatory Appearances

If you would like to plead Not Guilty to a citation, you may do so in writing to the Clerk of Court office. Be sure to date and sign your plea notice. Once the Not Guilty plea is received, a Pre Trial Conference will be scheduled and a notice will be sent to you. For this hearing, you will need to appear. Should a stipulation between the parties not be reached, a court trial will be scheduled with the Circuit Court Judge.


Payments are made to the Clerk of Court office in the form of cash (at the counter) a personal check, cashiers check or money order. If you have been suspended for failure to pay your citation, you will not be permitted to pay by personal check. Credit card payments can be made online or by calling our office at (920) 849-1414, ext. 3405. There will be additional fees for payments made with a card.

Criminal Traffic

If you have been charged with a traffic crime, you, and/or your attorney need to appear at your Initial Appearance. If not already ordered, a bond will be set and booking is required.

Motion to Re-open

If you wish to have your traffic citation re-opened, you must file a Motion to Re-open (PDF).