Agencies & Dispatchers

Dispatcher Tasks

In addition to answering 911 calls and dispatching police, fire, ambulance, and first responders, the Calumet County Communications Center performs many other tasks. They are also the main telephone answering point for the department.

In addition, they process all warrants, monitor cameras and alarms located in the jail and the entire courthouse complex (including parking lots), make entries into the computer system that is used nation-wide to track crimes (like FBI's most wanted list), and retrieve information from that system on behalf of the Calumet District Attorney's Office, and the Brillion, Chilton, and New Holstein Police Departments.

Calls Dispatched

The Communications Center dispatches calls for service to the Calumet County Sheriff's Office, the police departments in Calumet County, the ambulance services, first responders, and fire departments. These agencies are:

  • Brillion Fire Department
  • Brillion First Responders
  • Brillion Police Department
  • Calumet County Dive Team
  • Calumet County Sheriff’s Office
  • Chilton Fire Department
  • Chilton Police Department
  • Forest Junction Fire Department
  • Gold Cross Ambulance
  • Harrison Fire Department
  • Harrison First Responders
  • Hilbert Fire Department
  • Hilbert / Potter First Responders
  • Hollandtown Fire Department
  • Kiel Rescue
  • New Holstein Fire Department
  • New Holstein Police Department
  • New Holstein First Responders               
  • Potter Fire Department
  • St. Anna Fire Department
  • Stockbridge Fire Department
  • Stockbridge First Responders               
  • Town of Calumet Fire Department