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2021 County Wide Well Testing Program (Harrison/Brillion)

  1. Please select your test kit preference*
    HOMEOWNER'S PACKAGE: includes Bacteria, Nitrate, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chloride, Conductivity, Corrosivity Index ... METALS PACKAGE: includes 11 metals, including an arsenic screen...... DACT SCREEN: tests for Atrazine and its byproducts
  2. Kit Distribution (Pick up Test Kits)*
    Indicate when you will most likely pick up your test kit.
  3. Sample Return (Sample must be Drawn on Sept 13)*
    Indicate the location and time you most likely will return the full test kits. Samples must be drawn on Monday, Sept 13
  4. Thank you for your registration. Any questions please contact Dani Santry at or 920.849.1493 ext 2402
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