Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)

The Calumet County Sheriff’s Office Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) is an alternative to incarceration. The Sheriff or his designee will determine who can participate in the program. The courts, probation and parole and the district attorney cannot order an inmate into this program although their recommendations, along with any recommendations from physicians, counselors, victims, and family members, will be considered and weighed when making the decision. All requests will be reviewed and an extensive background check will be completed. The results of this check, along with any recommendations the offender may have received, will determine if the offender qualifies and will determine the appropriate amount of time they will be placed on EMP.

Please read through the EMP Rules and Regulations for an overview of the program. If you are interested in being an EMP participant after reviewing this information, please contact the Calumet County Correctional Facility at 920-849-1447. Be sure to complete the forms below and bring them to the Calumet County Correctional Facility at least two weeks before starting your sentence.   

Electronic Monitoring Program Application Directions (PDF) 

Electronic Monitoring Program Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Electronic Monitoring Program Application (PDF)

Electronic Monitoring Program Waiver (PDF)

Alcohol Monitoring Program Participants Agreement (PDF)